Camera calibration With OpenCV - tutorial

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i am reading the very interesting tutorial and i find it difficult to understand the equations for tangential distortion



specifically i don't understand the terms p2(r^2+2x^2) and p1(r^2+2y^2) which seems to me should have always the same sign no matter what sign of p1 or p2, in all 4 areas of the Cartesian plane

could you please provide a link with more detailed explanations of these equations (and would be wonderful also with some special case example)?

also i find some difficulties in the camera matrix equations

i would write


in case of central misalignment between optics and sensor we keep the spatial Cartesian reference on the optics and consider the optical center on the sensor (cx,cy) with a misaligned image cartesian refernce

x(camerapixel)-cx(pixel)=fx(pixel)X(mm)/Z(mm) y(camerapixel)-cy(pixel)=fy(pixel)Y(mm)/Z(mm) Z=Z

where fx and fy are proportional to the focal lengths and ideally measure a pixel/mm normalized conversion at Z(mm)=1


but i am not sure how to precisely relate this to those equations

please help me, thank you very much

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