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Port opencv c++ application code to python without losing speed

asked 2018-08-19 20:37:41 -0500

Martian gravatar image

I've been working on a C++ OpenCV application that needs to be ported to Python (merging with neural net code). I am not concerned so much with OpenCV built in functions, but I have a lot of code that accesses Mats on a pixel level, using<type>(y, x) as raw index into pixels. I presume that this will slow to a crawl when I try to do the equivalent in Python.

Is there a recommended method for somehow getting the existing C++ code to work under Python? The normal approach in a non-OpenCV app would be to use Cython or similar. But I'm betting that this is encountered often, and that there are more streamlined methods.

Any recommendations appreciated.

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answered 2018-09-09 23:05:54 -0500

Martian gravatar image

For anyone else who has this same question:

There are additional links there to helpful info within Python docs.

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