What is the concept of Object Recoginition (Image Processing manually from Zero) ? [closed]

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Hello , i am a student and i have been studying about Computer Vision especially OpenCV with Python 3.

Now, i understand about the basic of Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Neural Network with Tensorflow.

With CNN (tensorflow), we just give the a lot of original image and let the CNN work by itself (Finding the Pattern, Extract Feature, etc.). So, you can get the object recognition easily.

I often read about the Object Recognition with Image Processing manually such as (Convert the Grayscale Image, Image Segmentation, Extract Features, etc.) But.., I don't understand about workflow and concept of Object Recognition with Image Processing manually (of course i don't know about how to programming it, too).

I have been searching in Google about Object Recognition with Image Processing manually, but there are a lot of different workflow (like the one use GLCM metod and the one didn't use GLCM method, etc.), so it makes me confused.

Can anyone suggest me a reference or website about that , please ?

Thanks a lot, God Bless You All

Sorry for my bad grammar

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sorry, but your question is far too broad to be answered here, and not specific enough about opencv.

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