Is there a way to change usb index?

asked 2018-08-05 06:42:52 -0500

I've been doing a project recently using kinect v1 and a webcam on windows xp(I know its old but upgrading is not my decision to make), I've been told that I cannot use two webcams simultaneously due to the operating system. But what I found out was while plugging in the kinect and the webcam, they both use usb index 0, so when youre doing stuffs like open(0), it returns a green screen probably because of conflicting index.

I want to know if there's any solution to reassigning usb index, and if so is there any reference link or code I can check out, thanks in advance!

I did check up the internet with some topics about usb nodes, enumerating them... related links (that is a bit low level stuff to me that I still don't quite understand) :
How to select an alternate setting in a USB interface
Programmatically identifying the proper usb webcam
Device Enumerator for OpenCV
----------------- Below are some simplified Chinese sites with code -----------------
C++ Getting multiple webcam index
Opencv distinguishing webcam windows iserialNumber
Visual C++ Webcam Capturing
Webcam Capturing Framework based on OpenCV and MFC

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