Is there a better straight-line drawing function?

asked 2018-08-04 22:25:04 -0500

DanyAlejandro gravatar image


I need to draw a line between 2 points. The cv::line() function that comes with OpenCV has a lot of issues (unable to draw even line thickness greater than 2, unable to draw very long lines, terrible at drawing diagonals at precise angles, etc.).

Is there a better line drawing function?

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If you can come up with something better, make a pull request and give back to the community.

Der Luftmensch gravatar imageDer Luftmensch ( 2018-08-05 08:17:50 -0500 )edit

Yes, I already wrote a simple function that at least respects thickness, but it's so simple Im sure someone smarter already came up with something much better.

DanyAlejandro gravatar imageDanyAlejandro ( 2018-08-05 12:58:10 -0500 )edit