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Disclaimer: This is not about identity finding - we dicussed that very long and successfull("Facenet", "Siamese Networks") here on open cv.

I am currently importing and processing(creating embeddings) images of popular persons. Some of these popular persons i am interested in are not the only person in the image(some crowd for a wrestler image for example) and my face detector gets multiple detections.

Its a bit sad - i dont want to skip these pictures. Hmm what can i do to get the right? Some trivial thoughts:

  • pick biggest bounding box
  • pick bounding box with highest confidence

I could also combine these two things and maybe thats already enough? Any thoughts / hints on this?

Thank you a lot + Greetings, Holger

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I guess i will have to review the "failed" pictures anyway. I could generate some suggestion for bounding boxes with the points from above. And then i can explicitly pick suggestion or set bounding boxes (with my annotation tool)

Well nothing is perfect - feeling a bit stupid now. Closing the question.

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