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Can we use OpenCv in VS 2012 ?

asked 2013-08-26 13:43:57 -0500

lolaalol gravatar image

At my home im using OpenCv with vs 2010 express with no problem but at school we have VS 2012. When i try to execute my program, its saying there is a missing dll MSVCP100.DLL ( or something like that ) but i checked we do have this dll in the system. Anyone is able to run OpenCv on 2012 ?

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answered 2013-08-27 01:53:14 -0500

utkarshmankad gravatar image

There's no problem with OpenCv libraries in either VS 2010 or VS 2012. You get such problem, because you've MSVCP100 compiler dll for VS 2010, where as MSVCP110 compiler dll is needed for VS2012. Upgrade your VS 2010 project in VS 2012. Then on you would be able to use it accordingly.

If that doesn't help, Right click your VS project--> Properties-->Configuration Properties--->General . In that look for entry Platform toolset. It must be 100 for VS 2010 and 110 for VS 2012. Alter it accordingly.

Alternatively, rebuild your OpenCv library for VS 2012 compilers.

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Actually you do not have to upgrade your project, but select the vc11 folder in stead of the vc10 folder for libs and dlls. Visual studio 2012 cannot handle the visual compiler 10 in combination with OpenCV.

StevenPuttemans gravatar imageStevenPuttemans ( 2013-08-27 02:07:18 -0500 )edit

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