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Intel Movidius and open cv [closed]

asked 2018-07-11 02:32:01 -0500

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  • Has anyone tried to run the dnn module based on the Intel Movidius hardware and using this sdk ?
  • Is it giving a good performance

At least this hardware approach looks promising to me. I try everything so i can to stick to opencv dnn module. I appreciate the work they put in to have a multi cnn / dnn.

Greetings, Holger

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answered 2018-07-11 13:04:04 -0500

holger gravatar image

updated 2018-07-11 13:12:33 -0500

well ill just buy the hardward for 79 EUR, install the sdk and let you know then. I Hoped someone would have some xp to share with me ^^

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Eduardo gravatar imageEduardo ( 2018-07-12 02:58:00 -0500 )edit

Perfect! So i can really use both together.

Thank you!

holger gravatar imageholger ( 2018-07-12 04:02:59 -0500 )edit

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