How use Translation matrix in revoverPose

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updated 2018-08-19 09:26:35 -0500

I want to find pose changes between two frame for example I have base image and scaled 1.5 times.
For doing this I did following steps:

  1. Detect feature points in two image
  2. Detect match points in two image
  3. Finding Essential Mat of two points
  4. recoverPose of two points and Essential Mat

This is my code:

Mat E = findEssentialMat( leftPointMatches ,rightPointMatches,cameraCalib);
Mat R,t;
recoverPose(E,leftPointMatches ,rightPointMatches,cameraCalib,R,T);
cout << T << endl;

But my problem is T is weird:


How should I use recover pose? Is my expect wrong from revcoverPose? Or my parameters is wrong?

OpenCV version is 3.4.1,
Feature point detection by AKAZE with default parameters
Feature point matching by KnnMatcher k=1

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