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Merge Two Closely Overlapping Contours

asked 2018-06-17 05:10:17 -0500

abeltan13 gravatar image


Say I have these two shapes,

image description

They can be represented by contours. I have identified the contour points that are close together. I want to merge them if their edges are close together.

How do I create another contour path that represents the merged shape?

image description

I have tried convex_hull on the concatenation of the two paths, but that only works on convex shapes!

Is there any algorithm that works on concave shapes?

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2 answers

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answered 2018-06-17 05:49:31 -0500

LBerger gravatar image

updated 2018-06-17 15:24:49 -0500

Try :

  1. Fill contours
  2. dilate image (may be N=10 iterations)
  3. erode image (N iterations)
  4. findContours

I hope that you will get only one contour

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