How does cv2.projectPoints actually work?

asked 2018-06-15 09:40:17 -0500

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I'm trying to write my own implementation of cv2.projectPoints just for practice, and my implementation is not behaving as expected.

I'm assuming a pinhole camera with no distortion, so all I'm doing is applying the following equation to all of my planar object points.

enter image description here

Let's say in some world space (that both a plane and the camera exist in), the plane is 2 units away. So, in world coordinate space, all the points on the plane have z=2. However, in the plane's own coordinate space, all the points on the plane have z=0. So, the vector [X Y Z 1] is actually [X Y 0 1] for all of the coordinates I'm trying to project. Let's say I find, in my pose estimation, that the object is translated -2 in the z direction. After multiplying this vector by the found pose, I get the vector...

r11X + r12Y  + t1
r21X + r22Y  + t2
r31X + r32Y  + 2

But now, the projected point no longer has a z = 2 because of r31 and r32.

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