How to correct this barrel distortion

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updated 2018-05-14 02:30:44 -0500

Hello everyones, in my project, i have to calibrate with grid of square, i already have the calibration method the barrel distortion give me a wrong result. How can i undistort these square using homography or whatever without using a chesboard pattern i want all the square to be perfectly aligned. this i my image : thanks for your help

i have found this answer : but the result is always bad, how can i adapt this for my case.

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The image looks like it is already good. What accuracy do you need (max tolerance for absolute pixel distance error)? Also, what is the main issue: (1) do you need higher accuracy i.e. further reduce the residual distortion error, or (2) did you find that feeding this good image into some estimation algorithm gave a worse output? If so, what estimation algorithm are you referring to? Thanks for your clarifications.

rwong gravatar imagerwong ( 2018-05-10 21:59:34 -0500 )edit

looks more like a slight perspective distortion to me.

bennog gravatar imagebennog ( 2018-05-11 00:52:13 -0500 )edit

I use those square for calibration, i already have the calibration algorithm and code, my goal is to cut some material based on data point line after image processing on captured picture, so i need to be very acurate so milliter precision, i have 4 photos device that i merge with straight segment(coordinate of extreme point given by calibration with user click on each extreme point ) on overlaping region. The problem is that when i merge the result is not accurate, i only need to do the process one time if photo device don't move, can i use something like this : photo device will not move for each picture or i can use an homography to find the best fit for each square and do my process? But i don't know how.

garbalawal gravatar imagegarbalawal ( 2018-05-11 03:05:26 -0500 )edit