how to match 3d-2d corresspondence for using solvePnP

asked 2018-04-30 01:42:12 -0600

ibi gravatar image

i have problem to match 3d feature from triangulate feature (frame-2,frame-1) and feature2d from current frame to be used in cv2.solvePnP because the feature2d have more feature(in my case 138 after matching with feature from frame-1).

#i triangulate feature frame-2 frame

    points3D= points4D[:3,:]

after that i match feature frame-1 and curr frame and get points33 with 138 feature but the point3D only have 98


how to match feature3d(points3D) and feature2d(points33) used so i can use SolvePnP ?

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