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Does OpenCV DNN support OpenCL on non-intel platforms?

asked 2018-04-26 11:25:47 -0500

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Does OpenCV DNN support OpenCL acceleration on non-intel platforms / devices or is it purely optimised for Intel subgroups? If not, are there any plans and timelines to get OpenCL running on other devices?

I'm particularly interested in accelerating DNNs on Android with OpenCL.

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answered 2018-04-27 06:20:00 -0500

Following the DNN efficiency page of the OpenCV wiki on Github it seems that the OpenCL implementations are not constrained to Intel based devices. To be completely sure, we can simply ask @dkurt, who has done most of the work on the DNN module lately.

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Thanks Steven, I have now done a build of the 3.4.1 development branch and got OpenCL working with the Darknet DNN module. So the answer is, yes it does work. Shame that it doesn't deliver a performance improvement though; it is very slightly slower compared to CPU mode on the Android device I tested it with (a Galaxy Note 3 with a Mali based GPU)!

Evren gravatar imageEvren ( 2018-05-03 08:30:11 -0500 )edit

That is because the CPU version uses a heavily optimized set of operations. That is more limited with OpenCL as far as I am aware of. That is also noticeable on the efficiency page.

StevenPuttemans gravatar imageStevenPuttemans ( 2018-05-04 11:03:57 -0500 )edit
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