Questions about the fundamental matrix and homographies

asked 2018-04-12 01:54:06 -0600

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Hi there!

Shortly I learned about the fundamental matrix and have a question that I could not confirm by googling. Maybe you can help me: From what I have read the fundamental matrix is a more general case of the homography as it is independent of scene's structure. So I was wondering if it could be used for image stitching as well. But all papers I found only use homographies. So I reread the material about the properties of the fundamental matrix and now I am wondering:

Is it not possible to use the fundamental matrix for stitching because of its rank deficiency and the fact that it does only relate points in Image 1 to lines in Image 2?

Another question I have regarding homographies: All papers I read about image stitching use homographies for rotational panoramas. What if I want to create a panorama based only on translation between images? Can I use the homography as well? The answer to that question varies quite a lot.

Kind regards and thanks for your help!


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