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I'm working with opencv on a system to detect and track a user's hand and use its movements as it was a mouse.
So far so good, but then I found this patent: patent.
Did I understand it correctly? Has this obvious idea been patented?
Please tell me that it is not like that.

BTW it would really be a shame; patents should be a way to encourage people creativity, not to put them in minefield.

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Seriously I think this kind of stuff has been patented like ages before you. Recently I had one of my master students make exactly the same. It isn't something new, so basically if you want to make a commercial product, you will have to pay for patents. However, research purposes are not limited by this patent 'war' as I like to call it.

However, this has actually nothing to do with devellopment in OpenCV, so you should focus on a forum specified for patents... Topic closed.

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