Freetype2 and Harfbuzz on WINDOWS for Python

asked 2018-03-26 17:36:04 -0500

Tijuk gravatar image

Hey guys, Im using Python 3.5 Im using the latest version of CMake, MinGW, etc...

Im trying to compile OpenCV with Freetype2.

I git-cloned both the OpenCV and OpenCV-Contrib from source

Lets say I named the directory with the regular opencv [ opencv ] and the directory with the opencv_contrib [ opencv_contrib ]

I cant... for the love of god... build it with Freetype... I check the CMakeList.txt from opencv_contrib/modules/freetype and I saw that it requires Harfbuzz, but on both opencv and opencv_contrib, there is no harfbuz module...

I did find online some harfbuz/freetype .lib and .dlls but I dont know where to put them...

I've been struggling with this for at least 5 days... please help D:

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