Optimal performance CMake flags for android build

asked 2018-03-21 17:23:12 -0500

I am new to opencv and CMake and i am trying to use aruco markers in unity for my school project. Currently i am building my own shared object with cmake-gui and mingw so that i can use it into unity as a native plugin. The build is successful and everything works but as soon as i call aruco's detectMarkers function my fps counter drops from 60 to 10, huge frame drop. My code should be fine and the image feed i am providing is low res (800 x 640), all the detector parameter fields are set to default (i already tried to mess with these fields to get better performances but the fps gain is negligible) and the app correctly recognizes the markers. What could be possibly causing such a performance loss? The only issue i can think of is that i probably didn't set the right flags in CMake to optimize the build for android. The only flags i am specifing right now are: ANDROID_NDK, ANDROID_NDK_HOST_X64, BUILD_SHARED_LIBS, BUILD_opencv_world, CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES and extra_modules_path. I am new to opencv building and even with the minimal hints presented to me in CMake-gui i could not figure out what all the flags are for. Is there an online guide or some documentation to help me find out which flags i need to set to optimize my build for android systems?

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