Detecting laser dots - possible?

asked 2018-03-13 11:10:53 -0500

I am new to OpenCV and wonder how hard it would be to detect one or more laser dots projected onto a distant object. In order for the camera to recognize the laser dots vs other reflections, the lasers would be modulated at a 10-15Hz rate, so some frames would see the dots, others would not. The Open CV program would need to compare successive frames to see the flashing dots. I was thinking of using a 60 frame/sec camera so that a laser flash would always last for 3 - 4 frames and then would "disappear" for 3- 4 frames - and continuously repeat.

The initial task would be simply to recognize that one beam (dot) was seen, and later I would like to know the angular displacement between two or more such modulated dots.

Both the source of the laser beams and the camera would be moving

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