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Is there any autogenerate code for emscripten binding?

asked 2018-03-06 01:11:06 -0500

cibin gravatar image


I have builded the opencv.js using the given Instruction.But I need to know whether the "core_binding.cpp" is autogenerated .

If I need to add a function which pass "Mat" whether I need to write the emscripten binding in the core_binding.cpp

How to do it?

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answered 2019-09-11 17:35:04 -0500

cancerberosgx gravatar image

I think everything in modules/js/src is not autogenerated. What it is autogenerated from those is build/modules/js/bindings.cpp I think that one is generated using the template and embindgen from modules/js/src and also which parts of the library goes there is defined in platforms/js/

I wonder exactly what's what you are trying to archive ? passing a Mat from JS to native function ? Did you consider wrapping existing cv.x javascript method with a custom js function that implement your magic ?

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