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I'm using a gray scale camera nd I am running threshold to remove some noise and this works well. When I want to look directly at a pixel location that is supposed to be a bright spot on the image, I get a very low reading. It's like my method to retrieve the data is improper. I'm using something like this (uchar =<uchar>(C,R). This should work and it runs, but the results cant be correct. I have used threshold like this threshold(frame, myframe,150,255,THRESH_TOZERO); To eliminate the noise, which leaves a bright line of light (LED). So the Threshold seems to do as advertised. but when I try to read at a known hot spot, i don't see the values representative. What could be incorrect with my method? I have also placed lines on my screen to help identify the hot spots and then write code to overlay the vector lines(cross hair). Also we are talking about 3mm square of light intensity that I can not see programatically. I'm not resizing my window or anything like that so I should be 1:1. Using uchar data =<uchar>(C,R). This is what is out there for answers to reading the pixel. Thank You

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uchar =<uchar>(C,R). -- welcome to row-col world !

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