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I got my camera calibration completed and the image looks very good. Now can I determine what my X,Y position is if I know my distance from the object, and how can I determine this??

So once the image is un-distorted some key things are now true. If I image an object at a particular distance and then image that object at a different distance then I have a ratio of sizing apparent to the camera based on distance.

So if I measure a "dime" on the surface of a flat board at 20" away, and then I measure the dime at 30" away, I will see an difference in the pixels that see the dime and their column and row starting and ending points.

Since the entire grid is now properly in proportion in both "X" and "Y" it is possible to map the object to within a pixel.

Can someone qualify my thoughts.

Best Regards Cucchi

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I think you are using a different coordinate system than is normal. X and Y are typically camera pixel locations, with no reference to depth or distance. Please add a little MSPaint drawing to show us what information you have and what you're trying to find out.

In general though, with one image of a known size object at a known distance, you can then find the distance to any known size object.

Tetragramm gravatar imageTetragramm ( 2018-02-26 18:24:18 -0500 )edit