Any way to have opencv_dnn run on GPU (python)?

asked 2018-02-21 10:54:45 -0500

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Hi, I am running some caffe models on an Nvidia Jetson TX1, in python, loading the caffe model via opencv_dnn. This runs fine, even though quite slow.

In order to find some speed, I have recompiled OpenCV 3.4.0 with Halide support on Aarch64 and I am able to activate it by invoking " setPreferableBackend(dnn.DNN_BACKEND_HALIDE) ".

Unfortunately, with Halide the performance are approximately 10x slower. Furthermore, it makes no use of the GPU.

If I get it correctly, there is no plan to include cuDNN as a backend: the preferred way is Halide. This, however, lacks GPU support and/or is in its early stage of integration and has poor performances even on CPUs.

My question is: is there any way to run a caffe model, via opencv_dnn, having any form of (nvidia) GPU acceleration?

The answer after much investigation in my opinion is NO, but can someone confirm or deny this?

Thank you!


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@giacomo, There is one more setting besides preferable backend. It's preferable device for computations. Look at . You can run OpenCL code on NVidia's GPUs.

dkurt gravatar imagedkurt ( 2018-02-22 01:06:02 -0500 )edit

Hi @dkurt, I had tried DNN_TARGET_OPENCL, with no success. In particular:

  • DNN_TARGET_OPENCL + DNN_BACKEND_DEFAULT seems absolutely identical to DNN_TARGET_CPU. Both use CPU only and have the same performance

  • DNN_TARGET_OPENCL + DNN_BACKEND_HALIDE gives me a runtime error

"[ INFO:0] Initialize OpenCL runtime... Error: CL: clGetPlatformIDs failed: <unknown error=""> -1001 Aborted "

I'd appreciate any further pointers on how to run OpenCL code on Nvidia GPUs!

As an additional observation, when I take a look at dir(cnn), I cannot see the target "DNN_BACKEND_INFERENCE_ENGINE" mentioned in the docs


giacomo gravatar imagegiacomo ( 2018-02-22 02:41:40 -0500 )edit