How to do Unit Test in OpenCv?

asked 2018-02-11 23:59:02 -0500

Chandra Sekar gravatar image

I'm new to OpenCV. I have introduced a new API in VideoCapture Class. To do Unit Testing for that API.

Can you please explain how to write test cases for that API in the Opencv?

Steps to write the test cases in the OpenCV Library?

I don't know how exactly the opencv people have written the test cases for their API's like Open(), get(), set()....

If someone could help me with this? Thanks

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duplicate post? Many api exists in opencv, with a lot of test. Duplicate axisting test for the new api

LBerger gravatar imageLBerger ( 2018-02-12 02:18:48 -0500 )edit

Nope. As you said, those are .cpp test files, but my doubt is the flow in which i have to do for the unit case of the API's included. For ex: if you take get method from the videocapture class, there will be a certain test cases to check that API. Like that, i need a hierarchy or flow to execute my test case for new API.

An example of written test case in the opencv would be fine for me?

Chandra Sekar gravatar imageChandra Sekar ( 2018-02-12 03:28:11 -0500 )edit