Data usage warning for android application.

asked 2013-08-05 18:37:01 -0500

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updated 2013-08-07 20:30:45 -0500

The project of object detection shown here shows data usage warning for Application Name(Object Reco) in my sony ST23i and the installed application memory is 1.39Mb but at runtime it rises upto 15Mb or more what might be the problem?

The application opens only once and the next time I'll have to uninstall and install it again is matrix created giving any problems?

Logcat errors for resuming/launching through android device

OpenCV Error: Assertion failed (type == src2.type() && src1.cols == src2.cols && (type == CV_32F || type == CV_8U)) in void cv::batchDistance(cv::InputArray, cv::InputArray, cv::OutputArray, int, cv::OutputArray, int, int, cv::InputArray, int, bool), file /home/reports/ci/slave_desktop/50-SDK/opencv/modules/core/src/stat.cpp, line 1797

the complete source here

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