I want to find Focal Length of my camera, Should I use Camera Calibration ?

asked 2018-01-01 21:01:55 -0500

Awais gravatar image

I want to find out Focal Length of my camera. I have to use that for finding distance from Camera to Marker/Object. For that should I use Camera Calibration ? or any other suggestions ?

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supra56 gravatar imagesupra56 ( 2018-01-02 04:59:40 -0500 )edit

Focal length is an input data for the Calibration procedure so you can't use it, otherwise you'd have 1 equation with 2 unknows (focal length and distance of the target). Focal length can be estimated, but you need to know distance of the target from the optic and distance of the optic from the camera sensor. If the lens is thin the second one can be neglected. (see Wikipedia)

David_86 gravatar imageDavid_86 ( 2018-01-02 05:51:24 -0500 )edit