Extract Fingerprint from normal camera image

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I have been working on Touch less Bio-metrics. I want to extract Fingerprints from image captured by normal mobile camera. I have achieved a good image, but it is not good enough to be verified by government.

The lines need to be more thick and connected.

What I have tried so far?

Below are the steps which I took to extract a fingerprint from image. It is good, but lines are disconnected and joined with other.

  1. Changed contrast and brightness to 0.8 and 25 respectively

  2. Converted from RGB to Gray

  3. Applied histogram equalization

  4. Normalized image

  5. Applied adaptive (gaussian c) threshold for block size of 15 and constant 2

  6. Smooth image to get rid of edges

  7. Changed contrast and brightness again to 1.7 and -40 respectively

  8. Applied Gaussian Blur

  9. Add weight (alpha = 0.5, beta = -0.5 and gamma = 0)

  10. Applied binary threshold (threshold = 10)

Original Image

image description

Processed Image

image description

I need lines to be more connected and separated from other lines so that Ridge Ending and Ridge Bifurcation can easily be identified.

I also came through this link which uses Gabor Filter to enhance image but it doesn't explain how, and due to very limited background in Image Processing, I am unable to understand this. Any guidance regarding this link can also help me a lot.

I am using opencv in Android.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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