How I can get the input/output layer shape from dnn::Net object?

asked 2017-12-08 17:02:52 -0500

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I need a dnn::Net object with a loaded moded and I need to know before doing a forward pass -> the shape of input layer -> the shape of output layer

In CAFFE this is very easy, but with dnn I don't know .

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This link will show you what you can and cannot do:

sjhalayka gravatar imagesjhalayka ( 2017-12-08 18:39:52 -0500 )edit
dkurt gravatar imagedkurt ( 2017-12-09 08:13:54 -0500 )edit

OK, that explanation helped me. Thank you!!!

Rbt gravatar imageRbt ( 2017-12-09 09:15:42 -0500 )edit