Could not be located in dynamic link library opencv_world331.dll?

asked 2017-11-08 02:09:42 -0500

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Previously, I successfully built OpenCV 3.3.1 alone without any problem. It worked fine. Then, I've got a problem after built with VTK. I've build the latest OpenCV 3.3.1 with the latest VTK 8.0.1, and the build was done successfully without any problem, but I've got a strange problem when using OpenCV binary like the screenshot below:

image description

Please help me!

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I've got a reply from someone to my email, but it does not appear here? It does fix my problem. Thank you so much!

berak commented: it's missing some qt dll (on the path)

rathaROG gravatar imagerathaROG ( 2017-11-08 02:48:53 -0500 )edit