OpenCV Trackers Remains Active

asked 2017-10-09 08:47:34 -0600

karan_maverick gravatar image

I am using the OpenCV 3.3 built-in trackers (Boost, MIL, MLFLOW, KCF, TLD, GOTURN) available with the contrib module. Boost, MIL, MFLOW and KCF work fine and I can get good accuracy with 20-25 fps.

The issue is that when an object being detected and tracked moves out the field of view (FOV) or the camera pans wide. The bounding box still remains active, searching for the object. In the code the state is always set to "True"once the box is initiated.

The same issue does not happen with KCF tracker. TLD is quite slow, does not initiate or looses track quickly.

Please advise what parameters to change to resolve this.

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