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I'm sorry this is not a question, but I found no proper place for this message, so feel free to remove it and point me to a better place.

I wanted to annouce the release of a software I'm working on, on my free time. I called it CvComposer. It's basically a GUI for OpenCV, but a bit more that that. The point of it is that you can easily drag-and-drop processing functions, link them together, and configure them. The results can be seen on images on real-time, and even with a camera source. I actually used it on a professionnal project, and it is very useful to test combinations of functions, and find the proper configuration values. It is also designed to be very fast : functions executions is multi-threaded as much as possible, and data is cached so that when you change a value, only the relevant functions are re-computed. It is also a very good tool for learning, because you can see what basic functions do, and what happens when you change the parameters. All the basic OpenCV tutorials can be played with it.

Of course it is not feature-complete, as my free time is not large, and I have many ideas waiting to be implemented. But in the current state, it is really usable, so feel free to give it a try ! All comments are welcome, good or bad !

Here is finally the project link :

It is build on Qt5, so you will need it to build. I also provide a ready-to-use Win64 setup (even if I develop more on Linux environment)

Have fun !

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