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Color Conversion to YCgCo [closed]

asked 2017-09-25 07:05:10 -0500

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I would like to convert my RGB image to YCgCo, which is not included in OpenCV.

Is it possible to define my own Colorspace in OpenCV or what is the most efficient way to do such a conversion, respektively


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answered 2017-09-25 07:44:32 -0500

berak gravatar image

no, unfortunately you cannot define your own colorspace.

an efficient way to do so will be quite advanced, just look at imgproc/src/color.cpp, to get an impression.

i can only offer an "easy to use" solution with transform

Mat bgr = ... // input
Mat ycgco;    // output
Mat_<float> m(3,3);  // values taken from wikipedia
m << .25, .5,  .25,
    -.25, .5, -.25,
     .5,   0, -.5;

transform(bgr, ycgco, m);
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thanks a lot for the fast answer

VxW gravatar imageVxW ( 2017-09-25 07:59:15 -0500 )edit

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