WarpPerspective Change the location to where I want

asked 2017-09-21 21:11:46 -0500

Hello. I have a question. I make a panoramic image.

A common method is to compare the right image with the left image, then warp the left image using the function on both images. I want to do the opposite, but the image is faded.

How do I change the base point to (0,0) (imL, 0)?

Help me.

Below is the image and code.

CODE Mat HomoMatrix = findHomography(obj, scene, CV_RANSAC); //obj = ImgLeft , scene = imgRight

Mat matResult;

warpPerspective(imL, matResult, HomoMatrix, Size(imR.cols + imL.cols, imL.rows), INTER_CUBIC);

Mat matPanorama; matPanorama = matResult.clone();

Mat matROI(matPanorama, Rect(imL.cols, 0, imR.cols, imR.rows));


imshow("result", matPanorama);

//ImgLeft image description //ImgRight image description //Result image description

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