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OPenCv VideoWriter, can only use MJPG for some reason...

asked 2017-09-13 07:30:57 -0600

antithing gravatar image

I am trying to write a video file from a camera stream. My code is:

writer = new VideoWriter();
                Size *s = new Size((int)frameBlank.cols, frameBlank.rows);
                writer->open("Facerecord.avi", CV_FOURCC('M', 'J', 'P', 'G'), 60, *s, true);        

                if (!writer->isOpened())
                    std::cout << "Error: Failed to write the video" << std::endl;


                bRecFirst = true;


... then to stop recording

if (writer->isOpened())


If I use :

writer->open("Facerecord.avi", CV_FOURCC('M', 'J', 'P', 'G'), 60, *s, true);

This works great. But when i try:

writer->open("Facerecord.mp4", CV_FOURCC('H', '2', '6', '4'), 60, *s, true);


writer->open("Facerecord.mp4", CV_FOURCC('D', 'I', 'V', 'X'), 60, *s, true);

It creates a 0kb file.

I have installed DIVX, and the K-Lite codec pack, yet when i use:

writer->open("Facerecord.avi", CV_FOURCC_PROMPT, 60, *s, true);

and it pops up a 'choose codec' window, i only see the 4 default windows codecs listed. How can I write a video using external codecs?

(I have opencv 3.2, built from source, with ffmpeg support. The ffmpeg.dll is in the application folder)


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"The ffmpeg.dll is in the application folder" -- ok, but do you also start your application there ?

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2017-09-13 07:40:46 -0600 )edit

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yup! The dll is in with the exe, and all the other opencv dlls. MJPG works fine

antithing gravatar imageantithing ( 2017-09-13 07:42:20 -0600 )edit

One more question though... Does H265 (HVEC) support exist ?

antithing gravatar imageantithing ( 2017-09-13 07:47:33 -0600 )edit

Hi antithing, May you show me your solution? I'm working on Linux and I got the same error like you. I able to write *.avi too. But not *mp4. I downloaded file and copy to /lib/ folder but the output is still empty.

ToanVnET gravatar imageToanVnET ( 2020-02-16 21:42:43 -0600 )edit

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answered 2017-09-13 07:46:52 -0600

antithing gravatar image

AH, I'm an idiot. I must have had the wrong cv dlls in the folder. Re-copying them from the ffmpeg.enabled build folder has fixed this.

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