Using stitching-detailed for 360 panorama / mosaic

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It seems like there are some topics about the subject but they are all dead ends. I am trying to stitch a cylindrical mosaic with this image set:

However, OpenCV stitching-detailed fails to stitch the entire thing. It is missing some pictures, because the algorithm estimates that the missing pictures are not part of the same panorama: partial stitching

As a result I lower the confidence threshold to a value < 1. However, when this threshold is lower than 1, the bundle adjustment step does not converge (which seems to be a 3 years old bug :

If I disable the bundle adjuster, the end result is... basically a complete mess.

This is the command I'm using:

./cpp-example-stitching_detailed.exe --warp cylindrical --features orb --conf_thresh 0.7 image0.jpg, image1.jpg, etc.

Has anyone ever managed to stitch 360 cylindrical panoramas / mosaics with OpenCV? Also, has anyone encountered this non converging bundle adjuster step?


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