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cv2.imshow('threshold', threshold)

asked 2017-08-18 11:20:44 -0500

Phaneeth gravatar image

The function is not implemented. Rebuild the library with Windows, GTK+ 2.x or Carbon support. If you are on Ubuntu or Debian, install libgtk2.0-dev and pkg-config, then re-run cmake or configure script in function cvShowImage

I am using Ubuntu 17.04. I'm new to the community. Please help me with this issue.

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answered 2017-08-18 11:24:39 -0500

berak gravatar image

updated 2017-08-18 11:28:20 -0500

did you try to install cv2 via pip ? (bad news, then, no gui or video file processing built-in)

you'd have to build opencv from src,not from a ppm, to get any of those features.

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