How to save one continuous image from Line Scan Camera

asked 2017-08-16 14:05:05 -0600

DavidR gravatar image

I have a program that uses a line scan camera to capture an image. I am currently trying to build a user interface where the user presses a key to begin recording and presses the button again to stop recording. Instead, using imwriteI have managed to get the computer to save images of the stitched frames on loop when I hit record. Is there any class or opencv function out there better suited to capture an image larger than the frame. The code my line scan stitching program is based off of is here. (

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How are you David?

Could you solve this? I have a Basler linescan camera currently stucked at the same point.

fblanc92 gravatar imagefblanc92 ( 2019-10-09 09:26:50 -0600 )edit