a question from 《leanring OpenCV 3》about hist

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Hi,guys these day ,I am learning hard at 《leanring OpenCV 3》.And at chapter 15 page 404,I am block at an execrise

  1. Generate 1,000 random numbers ri between 0 and 1. Decide on a bin size and then take a histogram of 1/ri.

a. Are there similar numbers of entries (i.e., within a factor of ±10) in each his‐ togram bin?

b. Propose a way of dealing with distributions that are highly nonlinear so that each bin has, within a factor of 10, the same amount of data.

Ok,for the question a,I THINK there are similar numbers of entries in each histogram bin,but how to PROVE it? yet abhout question b,I don't kown the answer how to write the appropriate code.

many thanks for any help!

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