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Comparison with GIMP and ImageMagick terminology

asked 2013-07-15 20:45:39 -0600

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updated 2016-01-21 09:36:18 -0600

It would be really useful if someone would take the time to compile a translation dictionary between the terminology used in GIMP and/or ImageMagick (and Photoshop and Netpbm, for that matter) and the one used in OpenCV, as they sometimes differ.

Just to mention one example, in GIMP you can "shrink" or "grow" a selection, but a search on the OpenCV website for the word "shrink" gives no hits, while "grow" gives many false leads. In OpenCV (and computer vision textbooks) these concepts correspond to algorithms for "eroding and dilating", which are not words that a newcomer will search for. Perhaps that OpenCV tutorial page should mention "in GIMP, this concept is called to shrink and grow a selection", or the translation dictionary should be a separate page. Either way would be useful.

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answered 2013-07-15 21:05:04 -0600

My opinion is that it is really dangerous to use "commercial" words instead of usual words. But I understand your point of view, especially for beginner in Computer Vision, it could be interesting to have some references. Nevertheless, I think Wikipedia will be more adapted for this goal, and it could also be used for other computer vision libraries/concepts.

Moreover, sometimes actions made by one function on GIMP/Photoshop could recover many different functions in Computer Vision.

I suggest people used the vote on your post if they think this topic has to be created, it's a democracy after all... If the number is high, administrators/devs should consider it ;-)

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answered 2013-07-16 07:31:34 -0600

Just to share my opinion, I think that this would be a very bad idea. The original terms like eroding and dilating have been around for ages, much longer than all the term software developers are giving to their functions. These are the basic concepts of computer vision and should be used in the proper way.

If we don't do this, and stimulate people to use the correct search terms, larger problems will get classified with wrong identifiers and people will have even more trouble in finding it.

Lets take an example. Take a master student (and I guess that 90% of the community exists of students/researchers/programmers) who wants to do some morphological applications on his images. He starts with his literature study (getting insight into the problem) and his first hit on wikipedia tells him about dilation and eroding options. His next step would be to select a programming environment, for example C++ and OpenCV. Then he needs to look for problems with this exact terminology and with openCV, which leads to more then enough topics.

So basically what I want to point out here, is that if people are using this stuff for serious things, they will be urged to use correct language :) And I can only push people to do that more. Personally when students say to me, hey in photoshop this is called "aaaaa" im always telling them to first look for a correct terminology :)

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