ptz controlling of tandberg cameras

asked 2013-07-14 04:53:06 -0600

manish gravatar image

I am a college student.My college have a setup of video conferencing and use tandberg precision HD camera for this purpose.I am doing a project and I want to control ptz of this camera.I want to do following process with the camera- 1-whole classroom to be divided in some parts which will be preset mode like first 3 row be preset 1,row 4 to 6 be preset mode 2 ,and so on 2-now my camera should switch to consecutive preset modes automatically like first take video of preset mode 1 and then move to preset mode 2 and then to preset mode 3 and so on 3-it should zoom at some locations mainly the last rows

all these works can be done manually but i want to do them automatically. I have searched on web how to do this but didn't get success.Some suggested to use SDK of the camera but i trid SDK of this camera on internet but can't get can someone please help me how to control ptz of my camera.

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