Open CV Support for USB3.0 cameras [closed]

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Hi all, I am working in a project where a USB3.0 device is being used as an input camera and the stream is collected in a QT application for which OpenCV backend is used in Video Acquisition.I wanted to know whether OpenCV Supports the USB3.0 devices or not.Any information on this would be really helpful.As far as i know OpenCV relies on V4W(Windows),Directshow API,V4L(Linux) to read the data from kernel mode.I want to know whether this configuration of Video I/O supports USB3 core driver sittting on xHCI driver for USB3 devices(Video Class Camera in this case)

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sorry, but this is somewhat a "bad question", it's far too general, to be answered..

opencv does not know anything about usb, as you said, there are various layers utilized to connect to your camera, which of them is used , entirely depends on your os, and what support libs were compiled in.

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