Image loading and display problem

asked 2013-07-07 03:40:42 -0500

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I tried the opencv tutorial code of load and display image..

int main( int argc, char** argv ) { if( argc != 2) { cout <<" Usage: display_image ImageToLoadAndDisplay" << endl; return -1; } Mat image; image = imread(argv[1], CV_LOAD_IMAGE_COLOR); // Read the file if(! ) // Check for invalid input { cout << "Could not open or find the image" << std::endl ; return -1; }

namedWindow( "Display window", CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE );// Create a window for display. imshow( "Display window", image ); // Show our image inside it.

waitKey(0); // Wait for a keystroke in the window return 0; }

the build is successful and the command prompt displays "Could not open or find the image"...I gave the arguments in properties->debugging->command arguments and also the picture is inside the project folder with .cpp file. Can some one please tell me the reason..

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It depends on what you passed as the command line argument. If it is the relative path, the picture must be in the folder having the executable generated by building the project. If it is the absolute path, well, that's a weird error.

Prasanna gravatar imagePrasanna ( 2013-07-07 04:10:37 -0500 )edit