How can I create Image dataset with OpenCV ?

asked 2017-06-19 06:53:43 -0500

Sanman gravatar image

I am working on a Devnagari character recognition project. I want to create a database which will have only the numeral values. I want to know how can I move in forward direction with this problem ?

I want to know,

  1. How can I get the input from the contributors ? (On paper, OR any other media ?)
  2. If it is on paper, how should I scan the individual paper (what PPI, density, resolution OR any specific setting ?)
  3. How can I separate OR obtain each character from single image (which will have 0-9 written in Devnagari) ?
  4. Which format I should store the image in ?

and finally,

  1. Is this how you are supposed to create a dataset ?

Any help/lead is appreciated as this is nearly half of the work I have to do for project.

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