Error entering in a function

asked 2013-07-02 09:20:46 -0500

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Hi I have no error compiling, but running my project it stops before entering a function and debugging I have an error about Segmentation fault. The function:

Mat logGabor(matriz filter,Mat filter,double r_o,double theta_o,double sigma_theta, matriz radius,matriz theta,int cols,int rows,double sigma_r,int *padSize){

Mat rpad;
int k=*padSize;

printf("Welcome to the function"); //Here the error

More info: I created the matriz as : typedef double* matriz; and a createmat function that give back a double* and in this function I allocate space for matriz and works. In the main:

 Mat chr-Rpad[4][5]; //chrOrient=4;chrScales=5
 for(int i_or=1;i_or<chrOrient;i_or++){
  for(int i_sc=1;i_sc<chrScales;i_sc++){
   //some math calculation

I tried to us a vector too instead the Mat[][] as:


but I have the same situation. Thanks

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