Camera image processing slower on android opencv tutorial 1 vs opencv tutorial2

asked 2012-08-19 01:18:15 -0500

oonagh gravatar image

I would greatly appreciate help in understanding why the speed of response of the camera seems much better when executing opencv tutorial 2 for android then for opencv tutorial 1. I have setup the opencv environment in eclipse and lauch the tutorials on a motorola tablet.

I developed my own android application in eclipse and I found the speed the images were captured/displayed seemed much slower than what I saw when executing tutorial2. I also noticed that tutorial 1 was as slow as my application and was much slower executing than tutorial 2

I included my own application code in the tutorial 2 code and the speed was excellent. I renamed tutorial 2 and the application was still fast I renamed the packages and the speed deterioriated to what it was in my original android application. Does anyone know why ?

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