Guide on adding new types of parameters to opencv java wrappers

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Dear OpenCV team!

If I want to extend list of types, which are wrapped automatically by OpenCV Almighty Java Wrapper Generator (let's call it JWG), how would I do that? Is there any documentation, best practices or how-to's?

Appreciate your help on this, I spent some time analyzing how this thing work and, to be honest, I would say that readability the code is not exactly the best possible.

I'd like to understand the proper way of wrapping parameters in the following cases:

  1. Exanple: std::vector<string>. I'd like to map it to List<string> in java
  2. Let's say there is a module xxx in opencv_contrib. which contains the type definition typedef vector<A> B; where vector is the class, which JWG knows how to wrap. However, all methods using arguments of B type are skipped by JWG. What is the right approach for fixing this problem?

I would be really grateful for pointing me at the right documentation were such documentation exist.

Best Regards

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