how to disable NO_SONAME properity when building opencv?

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hi there

i am trying to cross compile OpenCV-3.2.0. The build machine is Ubuntu 16.04 with toolchain provide by TI (which contains arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc, version 4.9.3, and some usful libraries). The CMake version is 3.5.1

after configuration by cmake-gui, make, and install, i checked the dependencies between the generated opencv modules, and there appears relative path like below.

arm-linux-gnueabihf-objdump -x |grep NEED
  NEEDED               ../../lib/
  VERNEED              0x0000b368
  VERNEEDNUM           0x00000003

you can see the relative path "../../lib/" before depending

I figured out that this is because the absense of -soname parameter in the link.txt command file.

and further, i found in the build directory that in the configure file <opencv-3.2.0-build-dir>/OpenCVModules.cmake, there are lots of properities:


I think the parameter should be "FALSE".

So the question is, how can i do to make those parameters "FALSE"?

Thanks a lot!!

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