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i just tried to compile OpenCV 2.4.2 with Oracle Studio 12 under Solaris 10 x86, but i get the following error:

... ".../OpenCV-2.4.2/modules/ts/src/ts_perf.cpp", line 115: Warning: Too few arguments in macro LOGE. ".../OpenCV-2.4.2/modules/ts/src/ts_perf.cpp", line 115: Error: Trailing comma in a parameter list. ...

As i found out LOGE is defined in modules/ts/include/opencv2/ts/ts_perf.hpp as

define LOGE(_str, ...) do{printf(_str , ## __VA_ARGS__); printf("\n");fflush(stdout);} while(0)

Here, a gcc extension ("##" - the meaning is explained in the documentation link:here. It is as an extension provided by gcc. But it is a serious problem for other compilers, because it's not standard compliant.

A detailed discussion can be found here: link:thread at stackoverflow

Any help how to solve this issue?



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You could solve it cowboy-style by disabling the test module. However, if you really want to port it to a new architecture, with a new compiler, you'll have to fix much more complicated issues, like atomic oprations & Co. And those are a must-have, you won't be able to skip them.

sammy gravatar imagesammy ( 2012-08-16 14:15:15 -0600 )edit

But we can consider it as a bug possibly. Look, perf tests are working OK on Linux, Android and Windows (read: MS VS compiler). And you can see that for the LOGE definition conditional compilation is used. So, if it is broken on Solaris, #if pragmas should be updated and LOGE implementation compatible with compiler from Oracle Studio 12 is needed.

So, @jthomas if you can provide a patch which will resolve issues on Solaris, we can adopt it for OpenCV. Just say if you're ready to work on this, it shouldn't take a lot of time...

Kirill Kornyakov gravatar imageKirill Kornyakov ( 2012-08-28 08:56:55 -0600 )edit