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Which norm is the best to match descriptors?

asked 2017-05-10 04:17:47 -0500

DEHANDPI gravatar image

I am using BFMatcher to compare image descriptors and I'd like to know if there is one particular norm that works best (between L1,L2, L2sqrt). Besides, what's the difference between the two last norms? Are there categories of pictures on which some work better than others ? Where can I find doc about it ? Thanks !

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answered 2017-05-10 04:54:03 -0500

berak gravatar image

updated 2017-05-10 04:56:58 -0500

it depends not on the images, but on the descriptors you use.

for binary descriptors, like ORB,BRIEF,BRISK you must use the HAMMING norm, the descriptors are bitstrings, not numbers

for float descriptors, like SURF or SIFT, use any of L1, L2, L2sqr (L2 probably works best)

the Feature2D class also has a defaultNorm() member, which you can query.

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Thanks for your answer Berak

DEHANDPI gravatar imageDEHANDPI ( 2017-05-10 08:24:12 -0500 )edit

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