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Using the SIFT and SURF descriptors in detector_descriptor_matcher_evaluation.cpp

asked 2013-06-01 18:53:54 -0600


I'm conducting a comparison of descriptors using the code in (Example) detector_descriptor_matcher_evaluation.cpp. I managed to get FREAK, ORB, BRISK and BRIEF running, but I can't seem to get SIFT and SURF to work. The problem is that when calling

descriptor = DescriptorExtractor::create(descriptor_name);

The function "create" doesn't have SIFT and SURF in the list of algorithms.

Can someone please explain to me how can I use SIFT and SURF in that framework?

Thanks in advance!


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Next time please search the Q&A forum first, this question has been asked already several times!

Guanta gravatar imageGuanta ( 2013-06-02 05:44:48 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-06-02 04:14:43 -0600

berak gravatar image

checklist for SIFT / SURF related stuff:

#include "opencv2/nonfree/nonfree.hpp"

(in main, before doing anything else:)



 opencv_nonfree245.lib / -lopencv_nonfree
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Thank you!!

GilLevi gravatar imageGilLevi ( 2013-06-03 15:25:56 -0600 )edit

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